On social media, these two stars kept ignoring each other.

Last spring, Nikola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham got married. Their wedding was a big deal in the news.

But back then, the journalists had no idea that the most interesting thing would happen to them right after they got married.

After a while, there were rumors that the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law really don’t like each other, and there were good reasons for this.

Nikola told an interviewer at first that she was going to walk down the aisle in a dress from her mother-in-law, but in the end, the master sewed her a dress.

And second, stars kept ignoring each other on social networks.

It makes sense that a lot of people think Victoria and Nikola are fighting.

Nikola said, “There are no perfect families,” making it clear that they still don’t fully understand each other.

“But this isn’t bad blood! When people say “enmity, enmity, enmity…” I always see this word. It seemed to me that I would go crazy if I kept thinking about it, so Peltz-Beckham explained why she hadn’t talked to my mother-in-law about the conflict before.

She also thought about the wedding dress case.

“I think this is where it all began. Yes, on my wedding day, I did not wear Victoria’s dress. The truth is, I really would like that. And I’m sure that Victoria will make me the perfect outfit. I’d be very happy if you did. But that was against the rules», Nikola said.