Someone who works with the actor said he was going to shoot in space.

The 60-year-old Cruise has won three Golden Globes and been nominated for three Oscars.

Even though he has done a lot in his career, he is not going to stop now. Already in 2023, a new “Mission: Impossible” episode will come out, and Tom will play Ethan Hunt again.

But Cruz alone is not enough. One of the actor’s coworkers told him recently that he was going to act in an open space.

In 2020, people first heard that Tom wanted to make a movie at the International Space Station.

But then Tom was only thinking about “Top Gun.” But now it makes sense to talk about making movies in space again.

“Tom takes us to the moon. He takes everyone into space. We are waiting for a project that will be very interesting. We’re going to send it to the International Space Station and have a real shootout there,» Donna Langley told reporters in an interview.

She says that most of the movie will be filmed on Earth. But at the end, “the main character will go into space to save the day.”

Also, Tom is already making plans for this trip. Reports from the media say that he agreed with Jerry Maguire, who is known for his stunts.

Fans are looking forward to new movies with Tom Cruise in them. But they still hope that the actor will start to use stuntmen. Even though he is a solid age, he still does all of his own tricks.