Foυɾ-time NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers thinks that the news about UFOs is meant to show people that there is a difference. This is what has learned.

This week, the Green Boy Pieces frontman, who calls himself a “free thinker,” shared his theory while appearing on The Pat McAfee Show.

“It’s an interesting time for everything,” said Roderick. “Many other things are going on in the world.”

The U.S. and Canada are currently trying to figure out what happened to the three unidentified flying objects that were shot down over North America in recent days. This comes after a fighter jet shot down a Chinese space balloon earlier this month.

As they were talking about the UFO sightings, McAfee looked into the chemical train derailment that happened in East Palestine, Ohio, in early February. “There’s some crazy stuff going on right now, Aaron,” he said, giving Rodgers a chance to say what was on his mind: news about Jeff Epstein.

“Did he buy the list of Ebstein’s clients to be sold?” Rodes slept.

“There are some files with names on them that might be put out for sale soon. [Ghislɑine] Mɑxwell wɑs the onlү ρeɾson eѵeɾ conѵicted of tɾɑfficĸinց ɑnd nobodү who wɑs inѵolѵed in the tɾɑfficĸinց eѵeɾ went to jɑil. Not much to look at here.”

Comedian Kathy Griffin recently revealed her UFO-Einstein theory in one of her Twitter posts. “I think it’s funny that Aaron Rodgers is officially too old to be president. They don’t want him to be by himself. “Please, he looks like he stinks,” she said.