The family gave each other gifts, and the young man didn’t know that in a second, his life would change in a way that he could never get back. He got a lottery ticket from Secret Santa that made him a millionaire. But the relatives didn’t think twice before telling him a secret that made him lose all the money.

Wes King from Dublin spent Christmas with his family, but he didn’t know that this holiday would be the start of his biggest success and his biggest failure. Kings usually gave Secret Santa gifts, and the guy didn’t expect something cooler than the T-shirt his mother gave him.

Even when he opened his gift, which was a lottery ticket, he wasn’t very hopeful. But then he started erasing the fields with numbers one by one, and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He had a winning hand that gave him £50,000 more money.

For a long time, the guy didn’t believe that he had the winning ticket.

Wes couldn’t believe what he saw, so he went straight to his relative to make sure his eyesight was fine and that he wasn’t making up such close wealth that a woman with very exotic tastes would turn it down. But he said out loud the same numbers that would give the young man a big win.

How to surprise craft connoisseurs? TOP ideas for people who like to make their own drinks and sweets. Wes asks a family member to calm him down and make sure that his numbers are winning.

Wes couldn’t believe he had won the lottery, so he showed the ticket to each of his sitting relatives so they could check the numbers against the ones listed above. There was no doubt that everything fit together.

Wes knows that you can only be happy when all your relatives agree: the numbers add up.
He starts jumping around the room and shouting, “I won $50,000, damn $50,000!” Everyone around him starts to cheer, but for some reason, everyone’s eyes are drawn to Wes’s sister, who is sitting to his left. She is holding the winning ticket, and with one move, she erases all of her brother’s hopes and dreams.

She flips the paper over and reads what is written on the back. This ticket can’t be turned in for cash or prizes. Unless… you pay for it yourself. Wes didn’t realize the ticket was fake until his sister yelled, “Weso, it’s a joke!”

Then, to even louder cheers, the man puts his hands on his head and laughs with his family. But his face is a picture of pain.

The guy shows that these kinds of jokes are often told in the family. He starts to smile and laugh with the people who took away all his hopes of getting rich so quickly.