The story of this elephant makes you believe in people again.

Even elephants know that people are not all the same. Some people still hunt these smartest animals illegally in Africa.

Ivory is still very valuable on the black market, which is why poachers kill tens of thousands of elephants every year to get their ivory.

The story of this elephant gives people hope again. A well-aimed shot from a poacher almost killed him. As luck would have it, the bullet went through the head and got stuck in a hard bone in the forehead.

Everything would be nothing, but an infection fell into the wound. Septic shock could kill the elephant.

A strong animal asked for help from people. The people who work at the National Park didn’t understand right away why he meets them on purpose. Everyone has heard of situations in which an angry elephant destroys everything in its path.

Doctors and rescuers promptly arrived at the place. So that the vets could check it out, the animal was put to sleep by giving it an ampoule of the tranquilizer.

The portable X-ray showed that there was no damage to the inside of the body, but the wound itself needed surgery right away. It was not a good idea to move the elephant in this condition, so it was operated on right away.

The hardest part was getting a bullet out of her head, where it was stuck tight. Still, he was taken out of the water safely, and the wound was cleaned, treated with antibiotics, and stitched up. After putting the patient to sleep, the doctors waited until he woke up and came to.

The “handsome,” as the people who worked at the reserve called it, didn’t get up right away. He had to use the nearby tree to help him. Now the saved elephant has become it’s own for people who can and will take care of its well-being.

They are determined to do everything they can to stop poachers from hurting him.