Not all women are happy with how they look. Those with straight hair want curly hair and those with curly hair want straight hair. We’re not the same, and we love change. We’re always unhappy about something. You have to realize that there are just as many women as there are needs. Someone does not like the nose, cheekbones, etc.

Some older women don’t mind going under the knife to make themselves look younger. Everyone knows that Asian women love plastic surgery the most. They change something about themselves all the time. So, the Japanese woman told us what made her look so good. She spent $65,000 to change her face in every way. She decided to change the image in a big way.

Can you picture how much money this is? You can buy a nice apartment with this money. Look at what happened. At first, it was horrible, but now you can see how well the doctors did their job.

One person was in charge of the figure. I put myself on a diet and lost the weight.

She started doing sports, so she lost 13 kg. She is now just like the Japanese anime. She is happy now and loves herself a lot. People don’t always feel good and like themselves until they make some changes.