Sada Vidoo is probably unlike anyone or anything you’ve ever seen. He tells the camera, “Right now I’m not working because I’m a doll.” “Every day I dress like a doll. And I have different looks, different clothes, and different sides.” And there’s no doubt that Sada cares a lot about how she looks. Her outfit is a sight to see, from her short blonde hair and doll-like lipstick to her jerky movements and old-fashioned skirt.

The judges, on the other hand, don’t know what to think. Simon tries to convince Sada that she’s not a doll by telling her, “Sada, you’re not a doll,” but she keeps her stance. But as soon as she opens her mouth and starts to sing, everything about Salamanca changes.

The version she sings is very different from the original version by Pat Benatar. It has a lot of little doll-like quirks, but it’s also a different song and will definitely stick in your mind.

When they heard his voice, the judges looked at each other and dropped their jaws. Even after she’s done, there’s a long awkward silence because the judges can’t say anything. Simon gets the most reviews, but the reviews are all over the place. When it’s time to vote, though, all four judges agree on Sada.