Families usually have both younger and older children. Families like to eat out together sometimes. This means that the little kids might act like kids when they are eating out in public.

While waiting for everyone else to finish eating, little kids sometimes get a little messier and more rowdy.

When you go to a restaurant for families, you just expect these things. People know that some fast food places are better for families than others. But you can imagine how surprised these families with young children were when they went to a Minnesota Arby’s.

A sign was posted on the door of this Arby’s so that everyone could read it before they went inside. The sign said, “Only well-behaved children who can keep their food on their trays and their bottoms on their seats are welcome.”

You will be asked to leave if you can’t do this.” Imagine being the parent of a rowdy two- or three-year-old who just wanted a quick meal with other kids.

Imagine how strange it would be if Arby’s, which is just like any other sandwich shop and is considered a fast food place, didn’t have this sign up for everyone to see and read before going in.

If you go to a fast food place for families, you can expect chaos and kids running around. But this Arby’s was sick of it and tired of it.

By putting this sign on the door, this restaurant has made it hard for many parents with small children to choose it as a place to eat out. Can you imagine trying to finish your meal at Arby’s while hoping your child doesn’t drop his fries on the floor or get up from his seat? It has made eating uncomfortable, and going out to eat with the family is no longer a relaxing time.

Many moms and dads are upset that the sign was put up in the first place. They say that this is not a restaurant with white tablecloths. This Arby’s in Elk River, Minnesota, is just like any other fast food place. However, the restaurant has decided to make families with young children feel uncomfortable or at least think twice about coming here as a family.

The restaurant was boycotted for a while, but not everyone is willing or able to boycott when there aren’t many other places to eat in their city. The sign on the door of the business was posted on social media so that people all over the world could see it.

People talked about the sign on social media. Some agreed with Arby’s, but others were angry and couldn’t believe that such a sign was ever put on the door of a business. Some kids act better than others, but that’s just how kids are.

When they go out to eat, some kids behave well and some don’t.