Her family of two brothers and a sister also lived in terrible conditions.

A lot of people knew her from shows like “Wild Rose” and “The Rich Cry Too.” She was a young actress back then, but now she is 69 years old. Today, we’ll tell you how it looks and what it does after the series. She was born in Mexico City on October 19, 1952. After her father left, she and her three siblings (two brothers and a sister) lived in poverty and had trouble making ends meet. My mother worked as a secretary at a college.

Because she was only 153 cm tall, Veronica teased her and called her “fat” and “short” at school. When she was younger, the girl decided to care more about how she looked. She lost a lot of weight, even entered beauty contests, and started to show up at school concerts and plays.

After winning the “Face of the Year” contest in 1970, Veronica was asked to be a lead and then an actress on TV. She also started to act in plays. Eventually, fame and getting out of poverty became her main goals in life.

Her new hobby, singing, turned into more than that. In the end, Castro started doing live shows. Veronica has been acting in movies since she was 19 years old. Her first role was in the TV show “Love Has a Female Face.” Also, she was the main character in more than 40 movies and TV shows.

The main characters’ names, Marianne and Luis Alberto, stuck in people’s minds for a long time, but the plot of the cult TV show “The Rich Also Cry” has been forgotten for a long time. The show was filmed in 1979, and we started showing it in 1991.

Also, if you remember the TV shows “Wild Rose” and “The Rich Cry Too,” you know for sure that Castro sang the music for the screensavers of those shows. After the first episode of the TV show “House of Flowers” aired in 2018, Veronica left her job.

Even though the actress’s personal life didn’t work out, that didn’t stop her from having kids. She has two beautiful Christian sons: Michael, who is 46 and is a singer, and Michelle, who is 36 and is a director.

In 1992, Castro went to Russia to make the movie “Meeting with Rose.” During her second trip, in 2010, she also took part in the “Minute of Fame” show and joined the panel of judges for this number.

Veronica Castro currently owns a chain of cosmetics and perfume stores, as well as her own line of cosmetics.

The actress takes care of her beauty through her lifestyle and plastic surgery, and she looks great. She plays tennis and other sports. He also keeps singing and working on TV. Even if the actress says she’s done with movies, she might still get offers to be in projects.