In his age group, he holds the world record.

Rudolph Ingram, who goes by the nickname “Flame,” is a young athlete who has already made a name for himself in the sports world, even though he is only 7 years old. He just did a show in Florida and ran 100 meters in 13.48 seconds, which is a new record for his age group. He holds the world record for his age group, and people call him “Flame” because he drives so fast and never gives up.

But Rudolph is good at things other than sports. He does very well at football because he moves so quickly across the field, which keeps his opponents on edge. He manages to maintain good grades at school and delight his father, despite his intense schedule with sports.

Rudolph’s path to success began when he was 4 years old and was faster than his American peers for the first time. He has already won 36 medals in sports, including 20 gold ones. He also won the “Heisman Trophy,” which is a prize that football fans want.

His father is very proud of his son’s achievements and has a lot of faith in his skills. Rudolph has won several awards for being a good sport, but he is not happy with how well he is doing now. He wants to beat Usain Bolt’s world record sometime in the future.

Rudolph has many more tournaments and records to set. This is just the start. Even Usain Bolt seems to be starting to worry about what a young star could do.