When Los Angeles handed “The Conners” over to Roseanne Barr, everything changed for the cast and crew. Their new boss was the star of the show, the person who made it happen, and was once their boss.

A boss whose name was “Woeness” had to be bad. The actress who played Roseanne’s sister, Jessica, said that she can’t find work anywhere and that it’s all Roseanne’s fault.

“She did this to me,” the fired actress said. “Roseanne just showed up and now no one will answer my calls.”

Joe Bonagura, a Hollywood insider, said that Roseanne is calling the shots and that Metcalf is powerless at this time. “She made her own decisions,” he said. “She should have known as soon as Fox started announcing a new standard schedule that it would be the perfect time to use. There was no other way for the world of delightful memories to end.”

Metcalf admits that, in the eyes of those who believe it, she is a believable reason, a believable person, and an incomprehensible mess of a person in need. She told a close friend, “I did this to myself by not joining the cult. Roseanne turned out to be right.”

People sometimes need a good laugh. May God bless Ameic.