The boy was worried that he would be alone on his birthday, but he got a dream vacation instead. After all, Ryan Reynolds himself told him how great he was.

A Canadian student worried that no one would wish him a happy birthday, but he needn’t have worried. People gave the boy a lot of gifts after his parents talked about how scared they were of him on the Internet. And Ryan Reynolds was the biggest surprise, because it’s not often that an idol sends a warm message.

Damien Smith, who is nine years old and lives in Canada, was worried that no one would remember his birthday or give him gifts. However, thanks to the care of his parents and strangers from the Internet, he got a surprise that most people can only dream of. The boy’s parents knew about his fears, so they went on Facebook to ask for help.

One month before Damien’s birthday, they set up a special account for his birthday project and asked people to send him postcards. The idea went over like a house on fire: by the end of October, the family had a mountain of letters and gift boxes. The boy’s mother put a picture of them on a page for Damien.

But Ryan Reynolds had the most amazing surprise. The actor found out that Damien is a fan because kind strangers flooded his social networks. He then sent Damien’s parents a video to congratulate them. The student’s mother told him that Deadpool’s video came a month before his birthday, but he asked her to keep the gift a secret.

And on November 23, Damien’s birthday, people from all over the world sent him more than a thousand cards, packages, and gifts to say happy birthday. But a video made by Ryan Reynolds was the best part of the show. Damien got upset when he saw the message from his idol, and he hugged his mother. The parents also filmed the boy’s reaction to such a surprise, and on November 24 they posted the video online.