When a thief tried to steal from a woman in New Hampshire who was just finishing up her shopping at a Walmart, he didn’t expect to get immediate justice from an Army veteran. But, yes, that’s what did happen.

Army veteran Rick White was shopping at his local Manchester Walmart when the screams of a woman drew his attention to a problem going on right in front of him. Rhonda Healey, who was 51 years old, was looking at greeting cards when a thief stole her wallet.

When the thief saw Healey’s wallet in her open purse in the front of her shopping cart, he thought he had found an easy mark. But White, an Army Drill Sergeant who had just returned from a 9-month deployment in Afghanistan, was going to show the thug how wrong he was.

White slammed the purse thief to the ground as the thug tried to run for the door. The thief didn’t even know what hit him.

After grabbing the suspect’s arm and putting him on the ground, White used an arm-bar to hold him down until police arrived. People took pictures of the impressive scene.

Police later found out that the suspect was a 24-year-old man named Alan White. He is not to be confused with the good Samaritan Army veteran Rick White, with whom he has no known ties. Alan White, who is homeless, was arrested and charged with.

WCVB5 says that Rick White said, “I grabbed him and threw him to the ground.” “He hit me and tried to grab me. Until the police came, I sat on him. I lifted his arm and told him, “Give me your other hand or I’ll break this one.” And that was it, he gave me his other hand,” White said.

White went on to explain what happened that day in the Walmart aisle: “I put him in a wrist lock and an arm-bar, and that took the fight right out of him.”