You should never forget how important a parent is to their children. Just being there to show your child that you care can make all the difference in the world. Just ask Reuben Gray, who is 16 years old. Before his audition on Britain’s Got Talent, the older teen decided to sing a song he had written to his girlfriend, whom he had previously kissed.

Even though it was hard enough to stand there alone and talk about your private life in such a sensitive and vulnerable situation, it was even harder for Ruben because he didn’t have the support of his biggest fan.

Ruben’s dad worked overseas for about nine months of the year, and Ruben himself said that “it didn’t feel right” without his dad there.


Soon, Ruben got a shock that made everything different.

When judge Simon Cowell asked if his father was a bigger fan than his mother, someone in the audience spoke up loudly.

When Rueben looked over, his proud father was standing there, as if he had come out of nowhere. Ruben stood awestruck.

The scene was so shocking that the teen could only gape and cover his mouth with his hand. After a while, he was able to pull himself together. His courage came back, and he gave a great, emotional audition.

With his dad’s help, nothing could stop the young man from showing off his great talent on the piano while his beautiful voice wowed the judges and audience.

“You come on and are real, unique, and willing to take risks, and I really, really like the song. “You really do have talent,” judge Simon Cowell told Reuben before he got four clear “yes” votes.