Tragedy struck at Nockamixon State Park in Pennsylvania when a heroic 37-year-old man lost his life while rescuing two children from the treacherous waters of Tohickon Creek. Marvin Alexan Fernandez Chicas dove into the creek to save the struggling youngsters but tragically drowned. Despite his selfless act, Chicas himself became a victim of the unforgiving depths.

The Bucks County Coroner’s Office confirmed that Chicas died from drowning, leaving behind a devastating scene at Nockamixon State Park. Upon noticing the children’s distress, he didn’t hesitate to jump into action, but unfortunately, he disappeared in the water, leaving everyone in shock and grief.

Authorities and first responders, including a team of divers, were immediately dispatched to search for Chicas. After an intense two-hour search, his lifeless body was recovered. This incident sheds light on the inherent dangers of Tohickon Creek and Lake Nockamixon, where swimming is strictly prohibited due to deep areas that can deceive swimmers. Chief Harry Grim of the Haycock Township Fire Department warned about the risks associated with these waters, urging people to adhere to safety guidelines and avoid swimming in Lake Nockamixon, particularly during this time of year when visibility is almost non-existent.

This unfortunate incident serves as a reminder of the dangers that can be lurking beneath the surface, even in seemingly calm waters.