A woman caused a significant disruption on a flight from Dallas-Forth Worth, resulting in a delay and leaving fellow passengers bewildered. In a video that has gone viral on social media, the distressed woman can be seen crying and shouting from the back of the plane, expressing her urgency to leave. She passionately claimed that there was someone or something on the plane that wasn’t real, pointing towards the rear. The video, unfortunately, lacks context leading up to the incident, leaving people perplexed as they tried to understand the situation. Despite everyone’s attempts to comprehend her claims, it only added to the confusion. Eventually, the woman stormed off, declaring that she wouldn’t stay on the plane.

One notable passenger on the flight was American comedian Scott Thompson, also known as Carrot Top. Taking to Instagram, he expressed his frustration about the incident, describing the woman’s behavior as an intense meltdown with piercing screams. The airline responded by deplaning all passengers, who were then asked to wait in the airport lobby while the entire plane underwent a thorough search for any suspicious items. Thompson, visibly agitated by the delay, shared another post featuring the trending video and suggested that the woman’s outburst might have been triggered by a lost earbud.

According to reports, the original video uploader on TikTok claimed that the flight was delayed for three hours. Surprisingly, the woman left the plane and the airport without facing arrest or a mental evaluation. This led to various theories from online commentators on platforms like YouTube. Some speculated that the woman had encountered a shape-shifter, while others drew comparisons to characters from horror or sci-fi movies. Regardless, it was evident that the woman’s alarming behavior had left a lasting impression on those who witnessed the incident.