A devoted father from New Jersey went above and beyond by embarking on a 1,000-mile road trip to ensure his family could experience their planned Disney vacation. Nathan Montanez found himself in an unexpected situation when his wife and two children’s flight to Florida was abruptly canceled by United Airlines.

Jill Tobin-Montanez, who had meticulously planned this trip for months, shared with GNN that their departure was only 15 minutes away when the flight cancellation announcement shattered their vacation dreams. Distressed by the limited ticket alternatives that would have delayed their getaway for two days, she tried to console her children, explaining that sometimes life throws unexpected obstacles at us, and they would attempt to visit Disney on another occasion.

However, much to their surprise, Jill received a message from her husband indicating that he had returned to the airport and suggested they meet him outside. Expecting to head back home defeated, they were stunned when Nathan asked if they were ready to leave. When they responded affirmatively, assuming they were returning home, he surprised them by declaring that they were embarking on a long drive.

Amidst their confusion, Nathan played the song “On the Road Again” on the car radio and revealed his plan to drive them all the way to Disney. Determined not to miss a day in the magical kingdom, he persevered through a grueling 17-hour journey, arriving in Orlando shortly after midnight. After only a few hours of rest, he turned the car around and headed back to New Jersey, ensuring he could resume work on Tuesday, missing only a single day.

Jill couldn’t help but express her admiration for her husband, declaring him to be their rock. She acknowledged that not many individuals would go to such lengths, highlighting the immense appreciation their children have for their amazing dad. In an email, she shared that they haven’t stopped talking about him, signing off as “the wife to one amazing dad!”