In a hilarious video, a woman has finally figured out why her cat has become so overweight. The cunning feline was caught on camera stealing food from his siblings, revealing the reason behind his chunky physique. Two years ago, when Melodee Coffman adopted Huckleberry, the grey tabby was quite small. However, despite her efforts to keep him in shape, his weight has rapidly increased in recent months.

Coffman, a 23-year-old deli manager, first noticed Huckleberry’s weight gain after adopting kittens Ellie and Oliver this year. She had originally intended to bring home only Ellie but couldn’t bear to separate the twins. Keeping Huckleberry and the twins from swapping bowls and ensuring they eat their designated meals has been a challenge. Little did Coffman know that Huckleberry had been stealing his siblings’ dinners, which she discovered after catching him in the act.

To address the issue, Coffman started supervising her three cats during mealtimes. In a TikTok video shared on her account, she redirects Huckleberry away from the other bowls after he boldly begins eating from their plates. In the video caption, she humorously expressed her realization about Huckleberry’s weight, questioning how she could fix the situation.

Huckleberry’s insatiable appetite has caused trouble in the past, with Coffman catching him rummaging through the trash and sneaking into the pantry. He has even torn open bags of pasta and indulged in quick-fix rice. Although Huckleberry’s siblings, Oliver and Ellie, have slimmer figures, they are also inclined towards overeating, forming a formidable trio. Coffman has resorted to child safety locks on the trash cabinet and pantry doors to keep their food raids in check.

The relatable and amusing footage garnered significant attention from fellow cat owners on TikTok, accumulating 1.5 million views and over 230,000 likes. Some viewers jokingly remarked on Huckleberry’s insatiable greed and the dynamics between chubby and slim cats. Suggestions poured in to help curb Huckleberry’s behavior, including purchasing automatic pet feeders and providing separate meal spaces. Coffman shared that Huckleberry has started shedding some weight since she began closely monitoring him and using slow feeders. She even added a cat exercise wheel to her birthday wish list, determined to tackle her cat’s weight issues.

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