At the age of 70, Linda graced the red carpet, radiating elegance and charm. Her presence at the event was in support of her friend Diane, who was receiving an award.

Clad in long heels initially, Linda later opted to go barefoot at the event, displaying her carefree attitude. Her dress, adorned with white, gray, and black shades, complemented her age beautifully, and her choice to go shoeless went unnoticed, thanks to the floor-length gown that covered her feet.

In her prime, Linda earned the moniker “Gold Woman” as she held titles such as Miss World USA. Despite her age, her radiant presence on the red carpet continued, and her flawless black hair, devoid of a single white strand, stood out beautifully against the backdrop of the event.

She adorned herself with exquisite earrings that added the final touch to her flawless appearance on that Friday evening. Linda has generously shared her beauty secrets in the past, contributing to the allure that has kept her looking stunning at 70.

In her interviews, Linda has often shared her skincare tips for maintaining youthful and perfect skin. She attributes her good genes to her mother, who, even at 90, did not appear to be in her advanced years. Linda emphasizes the role of genetics in her continued beauty and defies the conventional expectations associated with aging.