A young girl named Caitlin Passey is facing a challenging battle with Juvenile Batten disease, a terminal illness that brings about vision loss, seizures, developmental delays, and cognitive decline. In an effort to create lasting memories before her condition worsens, Caitlin’s family has embarked on a mission to fulfill her bucket list. They want her to experience the best life possible, knowing that her long-term memory will be one of the last faculties to be affected. Fueled by love and determination, the Passey family has been checking off Caitlin’s wishes one by one.

After receiving the devastating diagnosis in October 2021, Caitlin’s parents, Nick and Naomi Passey, along with her siblings, embarked on a memorable trip to Disney World in Florida. They made sure to involve all their children in the process, asking each of them to share ten things they wished to achieve or experience in life. The family has been passionately pursuing these dreams, providing Caitlin with magical moments, such as visiting Harry Potter World, Alton Towers, Disneyland Paris, and DisneyWorld Florida. Moreover, they managed to make her musical dream come true by flying to Germany to meet her idol, Ed Sheeran, and attending his concert together.

In addition to fulfilling Caitlin’s dreams, the Passey family has been raising funds to create a suitable living space for her. The space will be designed to accommodate specialized equipment and offer a comforting environment for Caitlin, as well as her family to be with her during difficult nights. With the generous support of friends, family, and businesses, they have already raised an impressive £59,200. However, Caitlin’s eyesight has been rapidly deteriorating, adding urgency to their efforts. Despite the challenges, the family remains grateful for the love and assistance they have received, cherishing the moments they have shared with their brave little girl so far.