A remarkable milestone is being celebrated by a 107-year-old woman from New Tampa, Florida. Frances Brassey, who resides at an assisted living facility called Legacy at Highwoods Preserve, attributes her longevity to her daily consumption of Coca-Cola.

According to staff members at the facility, Frances is believed to be the oldest living resident in Hillsborough County. Born in Montana on October 4, 1912, just six months after the sinking of the Titanic, Frances has led a life filled with travel and collects souvenirs from around the world, including China, which she proudly displays in her room.

Frances, aged 107, attributes her remarkable longevity to a daily dose of Coca-Cola! Having relocated to Florida in the 1980s, she only transitioned to an assisted living facility at the age of 103.

To celebrate her 107th birthday, the facility organized a festive party, inviting locals to join in the festivities. As a special surprise, Frances was treated to a birthday photo shoot by Ashley Victoria Photography, where she adorned herself with a birthday tiara and had her hair elegantly styled, as depicted in the accompanying photo.

Frances’s birthday celebration was a collaborative effort by all! When asked about her secret to long life, Frances credits her daily consumption of Coca-Cola, as per Gunter. Although the exact quantity remains undisclosed, it appears to be a significant part of her routine!

Interestingly, while some attribute their longevity to unconventional choices like whiskey, Betty White famously credits her diet of vodka and hotdogs. Explore Frances Brassey’s birthday festivities and catch a glimpse of her party in the video clip below!