Over the years, hairdressers have diligently crafted a plethora of hair care products aimed at practicality and efficacy.

Yet, amidst the abundance of shampoos, conditioners, and assorted hair treatments, one young woman opted for a radically different path—she chose to abstain from washing her hair for a remarkable six-year stretch.

The remarkable results she attained stand as a testament to her unconventional approach.

This distinctive journey was documented by the woman on the popular social media platform TikTok.

Laura Ashley, a 27-year-old vegetarian, embarked on this unconventional path six years ago, choosing to forgo the use of shampoo, conditioner, and styling products entirely.

In conjunction with this decision, she transitioned to a plant-based diet, exclusively consuming plant foods while eliminating animal products like cheese, milk, and meat from her meals.

Laura’s primary assertion is that she relies solely on pure water for her hair care routine. To address tangles, she simply runs a wide-toothed comb through her hair.

As the concluding step in her hair care regimen, she incorporates a small quantity of oil onto the ends of her hair to ward off split ends.

The blogger candidly acknowledged that since embracing this unconventional hair care routine, she witnessed a considerable surge in hair growth, and the overall condition of her hair notably improved.

Nevertheless, Laura also disclosed that she frequently encounters disparaging remarks from online users who criticize her unorthodox approach to hair hygiene.

Despite facing criticism, Ashley remains steadfast in her commitment to sharing her experiences on TikTok. Her posts have amassed over a million likes collectively, indicating a significant level of engagement and interest from her audience.