Vlad Drasch’s approach to sculpting mirrors that of many revered artists throughout history, such as Michelangelo, who famously likened sculpting to revealing what already exists within the material.

In his latest masterpiece, Drasch demonstrates this philosophy by skillfully coaxing out the inherent beauty of the wood with his chainsaw, creating a captivating depiction of a Native American woman.

As is customary in his creative process, Vlad Drasch initiated his work by sketching a preliminary design on paper, which he then transferred onto a blank notebook. Affixing his blueprint to the tree trunk where his carving would take shape, he commenced the preparation phase.

Clad in safety glasses, earplugs, and protective gloves for his own well-being, Vlad ascended to the log and began shaping the wood with an ax, methodically removing excess material.

Engaging in woodcarving at this magnitude is far from a leisurely pursuit. Upon viewing this video, it becomes evident that wood carving is not only a demonstration of artistic skill but also a test of physical endurance.

Following the initial cuts, Vlad ignited his chainsaw and commenced carving. Initially appearing as random strokes on the wood, a discernible pattern slowly emerged as the work progressed, gradually taking shape.

As sawdust and wood chips accumulated at the sculptor’s feet, the figures of the Native American woman, her horse, and the eagle began to gradually emerge from the wood. With the final touches already applied, it was time to step back and admire the finished piece.

The result of this skillfully crafted sculpture is simply breathtaking. With the finishing touches applied, it appeared as though the figures had come to life. This project is a testament to Vlad Drasch’s talent and dedication, and it’s certainly one process you won’t want to miss witnessing.