If you’re having trouble remembering, let’s refresh your memory about Tiny Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley.

Born with a rare condition, she made headlines for her unique story.

During her infancy, she weighed merely 2.5 pounds and measured 28 centimeters in height. Now, at around two years old, she weighs as much as a typical infant and stands approximately three feet tall.

Brianne Jourdin, the infant’s mother, expressed concern over her daughter’s diminutive size, prompting nurses to affectionately nickname her “Thumbelina.”

The medical team initially anticipated that the baby girl’s lifespan would be brief due to her neurological disability.

After eight months, they diagnosed her with a rare illness that affects only 100 individuals worldwide. The infant endured significant suffering and necessitated numerous medications during her rehabilitation.

Despite the initial prognosis, her parents maintained hope for her long-term well-being. Currently, she is embracing life surrounded by caring individuals who recognize her potential.

Remarkably, her physical and mental health are excellent. While academic studies may pose challenges, she actively engages in extracurricular activities, enjoys playing hockey, and attends school regularly.

Her mother’s sole wish is for her daughter to lead a happy life in the years to come.