Internet personality Jenn Chia from Malaysia recently uploaded a video to her social media platforms, sharing an intriguing discovery. In a photo she snapped 12 years ago at a movie theater, her husband was unexpectedly captured in the background. At the time the photo was taken, the couple had not yet met.

The video showcased the first photo, dated October 10, 2012, taken during a meal at a restaurant. To Jenn’s astonishment, her future husband was visible in the background, seemingly waiting for someone to join him.

“I’m still in disbelief just seeing this. We were in the same location and had no idea the other existed.”

In her video posted on Instagram, Jenn revealed that she and her husband started dating in 2014, two years after the photo was taken. They eventually tied the knot nine years later, in 2023.

Reflecting on their journey, Jenn shared that she and her husband met at the perfect moment in their lives. At the time, she was single and spent a year traveling, soul-searching, and reflecting on herself. It was during this period of self-discovery that she crossed paths with her husband, Jon Liddell.

“The right person always finds you at the right moment,” Jenn expressed. “If it had happened earlier, I don’t think our relationship would have lasted. I was a different person back then—self-centered, ignorant, and naive.”

In response to Jenn’s post, her husband commented, “I’m glad you didn’t meet me in the first photo. We were destined to embark on our own journeys. A few years later, we met at the perfect time.”

Jenn’s video resonated with millions, garnering 10.5 million views on Instagram, and elicited joy from many well-wishers. Her Instagram handle, “@soimjenn,” boasts 582,000 followers. Some viewers remarked on the concept of the “invisible red thread of destiny,” finding it reflected in Jenn’s story.

Beyond her social media presence, Jenn Chia is recognized as an advertising star and music video director.

In August 2023, Jenn and Jon exchanged vows, marking the culmination of their seven-year journey together. Jenn took to her Instagram page to share a collection of wedding photos and videos, joyously announcing their union. The news was met with an outpouring of love and well-wishes from Jenn’s devoted fan base, with many admitting to shedding tears of happiness for the newlyweds.