The television series “Dallas,” which aired from 1978 to 1991 on CBS, remains a timeless classic in the realm of TV dramas. It centered around the tumultuous lives of the Ewing family, delving into themes of betrayal, desire, and greed.

While the show enjoyed widespread popularity, it was a particular episode that captured the attention of millions of viewers: “Who Shot JR.?” This installment drew in an impressive 80 million American viewers and still holds the record as the second-highest-rated episode. Its viewership extended far beyond the United States, with over 300 million people across 57 countries tuning in.

However, the success of “Dallas” wouldn’t have been possible without its talented cast. Among them was Patrick Duffy, who portrayed the character Bobby Ewing. Bobby was depicted as the youngest son of Miss Ellie and the more virtuous counterpart to his scheming brother, J.R. Ewing.

Patrick Duffy was born on March 17, 1949, in Townsend, Montana, to parents who owned a bar. Despite initially harboring aspirations for a career in architecture, Duffy’s path took a turn when his drama teacher encouraged him to pursue acting. He heeded her advice, and it proved to be a pivotal moment in his life. “She wrote a letter of recommendation, and I got into a special program. From that moment on, I considered myself an actor,” Duffy recounted.

Securing admission to the University of Washington to study drama was a significant achievement for Duffy. Out of 1200 auditioning individuals vying for enrollment in the second year, only 12 were accepted, and Duffy was fortunate to be among them.

During the early stages of his acting career, Duffy served as an Artist-in-Residence and collaborated with opera and ballet companies. While this role didn’t thrust him into the spotlight, it did lead him to encounter the love of his life, ballet dancer Carlyn Rosser.

When they first met, Carlyn Rosser was already married, but the connection they shared was so deep and genuine that she ultimately decided to file for divorce.

“In short order, I fell in love with the art form and with her,” Duffy revealed to Independent. “She had the hardest job. She had to tell her husband. And they were happily married. It wasn’t, you know, a bad relationship. He was a good man, and he is a good man.”

“He was betrayed by her, and it was amicable in the sense that he let her go, but he was hurt,” he added. “It breaks my heart to think about it. It doesn’t break my heart enough to think that I would do anything differently.”

They tied the knot in 1974 and went on to welcome two sons.

Duffy’s role in Dallas coincided with the conclusion of the sci-fi series Man from Atlantis in which he starred. According to the actor, he was simply handed the script and informed that the role was his if he wanted it.

In Dallas, Duffy starred alongside Victoria Principal, who played Pamela Barnes, his on-screen wife.

The series required Duffy and Principal to film intimate scenes, which stirred up emotions in Duffy’s real-life wife. Duffy noticed her becoming emotional as she watched the show.

“And I look over, and my wife’s welling up in tears. I said: ‘Sweetheart, what’s the matter?’” Duffy recalled in an interview with the Independent. “‘You’ve seen me do these scenes with Victoria before.’ And she said: ‘I just saw a look on your face I thought you only had with me.’ It broke my heart. I was probably thinking: ‘What’s for lunch?’”

After eight seasons, Duffy’s character on the show was killed off. The reason was that his contract had expired, and he wanted to explore other projects.

“I left because I had done the show for seven years. My contract was for seven years. It was an ensemble show, and I thought if it was ever a time at the height of the popularity of that show, that I might be able to launch into something more of a single, starring venue, that that would be the time to do it,” Duffy told Huffington Post.

“I left the show, and that did not happen — typical Patrick Duffy business decision fiasco. I went back on the show because they asked me to, and I realized that was the best place to work, and I was back with my best friend.”

Over the years, Duffy faced heartbreak. In 1986, his parents were tragically killed in their bar, and in 2017, his beloved wife passed away suddenly. This loss left Duffy devastated, and he struggled to imagine being with another woman after 43 years with Rosser.

“It was a shock when she passed,” Duffy shared with Closer Weekly. “There were no warning signs. So, that was a major adjustment. My sons were there to support me, but I also realized that, as much as they tried to lift me up, I was probably more accustomed to the situation than they were. As you get older, you recognize that the road ahead is much shorter than the road behind.”

“There are no regrets in life,” he added. “I can mend every broken fence and find value in everything I’ve done if given enough time. I’ve done it before, and I’m still doing okay. I’ve worked hard to make the most of life, and it’s been good to me.”

Duffy made a public appearance at the premiere of the film Warning Shot at a theater in Beverly Hills, California, where attendees were taken aback by his changed appearance. Many noted that he appeared to have aged significantly from his previous self.

Despite the noticeable changes, fans were delighted to see him and eagerly approached him for autographs. Duffy greeted them with a smile, demonstrating that his warm and endearing personality remained unchanged despite the passage of time.

Today, however, four years after his loss, Duffy has found love again with actress Linda Purl. Their relationship began after they found themselves in a group chat with mutual colleagues during the pandemic. Eventually, they decided to take a chance on each other.

Reflecting on their relationship, Duffy shared with Closer Weekly, “We’ve eliminated all the trials and errors that happen in [younger] relationships. It’s all positive and lovely.” Purl, who has been married four times before, added, “Life is full of surprises, both good and bad. Patrick and I weren’t looking for this. We didn’t expect it or see it coming when our paths crossed. Don’t ever give up.”

We are thrilled that Patrick Duffy has found love again, and we wish him nothing but the best in this new chapter of his life.