Pete Sampras, renowned for his 14 major tennis titles, has reappeared, sparking the interest of fans even a decade after retiring. Despite his previous withdrawal from public life, recent events, such as his revelation about his wife Bridgette’s struggle with ovarian cancer three months ago, briefly returned him to the spotlight.

In an unusual move, the typically private Sampras made a public statement to the ATP Tour, stating, “This past year has presented significant challenges for my family, and I’ve chosen to open up about what we’ve been facing.”

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While prioritizing his privacy, Sampras caught many off guard with a recent sighting at a Beverly Hills Starbucks. Casually dressed and carrying iced coffees, he briefly acknowledged onlookers before continuing on his way.

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After 23 years of marriage and raising two children together, Pete and Bridgette Sampras have chosen to lead their lives away from the scrutiny of the tennis world in California. With an impressive record of 64 career singles titles, Pete officially retired from professional tennis in 2003. While he has occasionally participated in exhibition matches, his primary focus has been on his family life.