While playing hide and seek, one of the boys noticed a small animal hiding under the bushes. Initially unsure of what kind of animal it was due to its small size, he speculated whether it was a kitten or a puppy.

It became apparent upon closer inspection that the child had stumbled upon a puppy. Both he and his friend were surprised to find the adorable little canine alone in the bushes, prompting the boy to carry it home.

With his mom’s assistance, the boy took care of the little one, feeding him and attending to his needs. Within a month, the puppy had grown enough to feed himself.

However, finding the pup wasn’t the only surprise in this story.

Another one was to find out that the pup was a purebred Chihuahua.

To this day, the mystery remains unsolved regarding how the puppy ended up alone in the bushes without any explanation. Nevertheless, he is now safe, sound, and, most importantly, happy in his new family.