As we mature, we often scrutinize every word before speaking, carefully consider our reactions, and even monitor our thoughts and emotions, pushing ourselves to extreme limits.

Thankfully, children are blissfully unaware of such constraints and live their lives with unabashed joy and emotion.

This particular child’s contagious laughter has captivated over 110 million viewers. In the video, his father simply tears paper into small pieces, triggering the child’s animated response filled with laughter and delight.

To discover what brings laughter to your child at their age, engage in playful activities like making faces or playing games such as “Koo-koo.”

Encourage your child’s attempts at humor and show appreciation for their efforts by laughing along with them.

Set an example for your child by not being afraid to be silly and find humor in everyday situations.

Encourage your child to express their sense of humor through jokes, storytelling, or drawing funny pictures.

Spend quality time watching a funny comedy with your child and afterward, discuss what made the movie funny, fostering conversation and shared laughter.