During a performance in Turkey, actor Numan Erturul Uzunsoy feigned an injury, requiring him to lie on the ground as part of his role in a play. His character was depicted as being in severe pain after purportedly falling off a horse.

In a heartwarming turn of events, a friendly stray dog approached the scene, seemingly attempting to offer comfort to the “injured” actor. Uzunsoy, remaining in character, continued to portray his role convincingly as the canine spectator intervened.

The stray dog then proceeded to cuddle up to the actor and started licking his face, seemingly in an attempt to offer comfort or revive him. Fortunately, the entire incident was captured on camera.

“I felt warmth on my face,” recalled Uzunsoy. “Initially, I thought it was my co-star coming close to me.”

As Uzunsoy’s face began to light up with a smile, he realized it was the dog, and his performance was momentarily disrupted.

“I was overjoyed when I felt the dog’s affectionate kisses,” Uzunsoy continued. “It was a deeply touching moment. The dog seemed like an angel wanting to lend me a helping hand.”

For me, it was an incredibly touching moment. It took me by surprise. It seems that everyone appreciated the amusing interruption.

Eventually, a crew member escorted the adorable dog offstage, but not before it gave the ‘injured’ actor a quick check-up.

Because of the dog’s kindness, Uzunsoy is eager to stay in touch and help find him a loving home.