In September 2009, the Indonesian island of Sumatra was abuzz with curiosity and amazement. Ani, a woman, gave birth to a baby who turned out not to be a “baby” at all. He weighed over 9 kg at the moment of his birth! The boy was named Akbar, which means “big” or “great” in Arabic.

The small giant quickly grew to a height of 60 cm, earning him the title of Indonesia’s newborn champion. However, the cause of such an extraordinary birth wasn’t solely attributed to genetics or the mother’s milk. Ani, being diabetic, had excess glucose levels, which influenced the baby’s weight. Due to Akbar’s size, Ani had to undergo a cesarean section, which lasted about 40 minutes.

The woman’s other two sons were also born relatively large (5.3 and 4.5 kg), but they were still smaller than their brother. Both the mother and the child are doing well now. However, Akbar’s appetite remains unchanged, prompting even his father to remark that feeding such a big boy would be more challenging.

For comparison, Akbar’s weight is roughly equivalent to that of a typical one-year-old child. Crowds of people from all over the island gathered to marvel at the extraordinary boy. The delighted mother couldn’t help but smile…