From the moment she came into the world, little Alba faced challenging trials. Upon seeing her newborn, the young mother immediately decided that she did not want a child with Down syndrome and abandoned her.

Afterward, there were at least twenty prospective parents interested in adopting her, but ultimately, none of them were willing to commit to raising a “special” child. However, two years ago, Alba found an unconventional family. Luca Trapanese, 40, who has neither parents nor children of his own, stepped forward. In Italy, the adoption process for single individuals is quite challenging.

However, Luca’s desire was met with approval from social services, and he was allowed to bring the 13-day-old girl home. His extensive experience working in a special care facility likely played a role in this decision. Through his work, Luca developed patience, empathy, and the ability to effectively communicate with unwell individuals.

Luca underwent numerous assessments and interviews to gain the approval to become Alba’s father. After two years, Alba has been flourishing in a nurturing and joyful family setting.

Raising Alba solo, Luca remains optimistic about finding a partner to share the joys of parenthood with. In the evenings, he revels in the delightful company of his cheerful daughter, engaging in playful activities and dancing together, bringing immense happiness to both of them.