Our brave Marines and soldiers put their lives on the line to protect ours, and ensuring they receive a dignified funeral service is paramount. The Patriot Guard Riders, an organization based in the United States, is composed of members devoted to guaranteeing that our fallen heroes are laid to rest with honor and respect. They stand guard at funerals of fallen heroes, shielding them from any potential disruptions or harassment, and they also attend the funerals of homeless veterans.

In addition to their solemn duties, these bikers sometimes organize homecoming ceremonies for troops returning from overseas deployments. A viral video showcases the unwavering commitment of the Patriot Guard Riders to honoring our fallen soldiers. When Staff Sgt. Jonathan Turner, a veteran who served in Iraq and California on seven deployments, passed away, and the PGR riders were there to pay their final respects. Sadly, the family of the 41-year-old veteran was unable to travel to California for his funeral.

Recognizing the solemn duty to honor Staff Sgt. Turner, the Patriot Guard Riders refused to allow his remains to be sent via FedEx. Upon learning of the situation, the California Patriot Guard Riders swiftly mobilized, reaching out to state captains from California to Georgia to address the matter. Jeff Goodiel of the Georgia Patriot Guard Riders recounted to Fox 5 Atlanta how they deemed it inappropriate for the war hero’s remains to be shipped via FedEx.

In a remarkable display of solidarity, a convoy was swiftly organized, comprising Patriot Guard Riders from each state along the route. These dedicated individuals took on the responsibility of transporting Turner’s cremated remains across their respective states. With each leg of the journey, the responsibility was passed on to the next group of riders until Turner’s ashes reached his family members securely.

The journey to deliver Staff Sgt. Turner’s remains was unprecedented in its scope, spanning over 2,000 kilometers and involving the efforts of a hundred dedicated bikers. Annie Glanton, Turner’s mother, expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming support, acknowledging her son’s widespread impact and popularity. Turner’s leadership and selflessness resonated deeply with his fellow Marines, earning him immense respect and admiration both within the Corps and beyond.

According to the Patriot Guard Riders’ website, Turner’s legacy is defined by his unwavering commitment to his comrades and his willingness to help anyone in need, embodying the true spirit of camaraderie and sacrifice. Despite their intimidating appearance, these bikers demonstrated remarkable compassion and camaraderie, coming together to ensure that Turner’s final journey home was dignified and respectful.

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