With each music video collaboration between singing sensation Claire Crosby and her father, they never fail to bring smiles to the faces of viewers worldwide. Their rendition of “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper is no exception, melting the hearts of millions around the globe.

Despite Claire Crosby recently turning ten years old, her talent and charm transcend her age, captivating audiences of all ages with her remarkable voice and stage presence.

It feels like only yesterday when a three-year-old girl with a voice as sweet as honey captivated us with her singing abilities.

When her father posted a video of her singing “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid, this talented young vocalist quickly gained internet fame.

Claire’s parents both have musical talent, so it’s evident that she inherited her incredible skills from them. Dave, Claire’s dad, began playing the guitar at the age of 12 and was so passionate about it that he played in bands throughout high school and college.

In 2017, Dave decided to audition as a solo artist for The Voice, two years after his daughter became viral, as his love for music never waned. He participated in season 13 as a contestant and joined “Team Adam,” advancing to the Battle Rounds.

While Dave and Claire are both talented individually, they truly shine when they collaborate as father and daughter. Their soul-stirring renditions of “Oh Holy Night” and “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” have gone viral, and now they can add a captivating classic from A Star is Born to their repertoire of outstanding duets!

“Shallow,” the Oscar-winning lead single from “A Star Is Born,” a romantic drama featuring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, captured our hearts upon the movie’s release in 2018.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch the two actors perform the original song live at the Oscars in the video provided below the article.

With countless cover versions available online for any successful song, each striving to match the excellence of the original, Claire and Dave effortlessly evoke goosebumps without even trying.

In the video, filmed in their home, Dave mentions that they’re singing the song for Claire’s mom, who is behind the camera, as it’s her favorite. And it’s quickly become a favorite for us too!

Their chemistry is palpable as they perform, exchanging glances that reveal their genuine enthusiasm for collaborating. A viewer on YouTube commented, “This is the cutest thing ever! A perfect depiction of the love and respect between a father and his daughter. It truly brightened my day!”

Claire and Dave Crosby’s harmonious collaboration goes beyond the surface, demonstrating a depth of connection and talent that resonates with audiences worldwide. To stay updated on their inspiring journey, you can follow this dynamic father-daughter duo on Instagram or subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Watch their heartfelt rendition of “Shallow” in the video below, and don’t hesitate to share this heartwarming moment with your loved ones on Facebook.