In many cities around the world, there are wonderful painted pianos right in the middle of the streets. Anyone can come up to them and play something completely free. This idea came to the mind of one artist who was imbued with the idea of ​​spontaneous communication. Thanks to the instruments on the street, many people can simply walk up to the piano, listen to music, and chat with each other. Street music always conveys a special flavor and mood.

Each city has its own distinctive features and appearance. But art, and especially music, can unite all the cities of the world. Anyone can play street pianos. It can be an amateur, a professional, or even a child. However, children have more fun sitting at the piano than playing some kind of melody. But the case in San Francisco was unique. Two six-year-old children sat down at the piano and began to play the classics.

Kids playing piano

The scene was truly remarkable. The young children effortlessly glided their fingers across the piano keys with remarkable skill, as if it came naturally to them. They performed a melody from the movie ‘Amelie’, captivating the attention of a growing crowd of spectators who gathered around to listen in fascination.

People took out their phones to capture the enchanting performance. Despite the attention, the talented children remained focused on their music, displaying a natural ease and grace that is characteristic of youth.

River Flows in You" played by 6-year-old piano prodigy on a street piano! -  YouTube

Indeed, the authenticity and sincerity in the music played by children sets them apart from adults. Their performances exude a genuine joy and passion that resonates with audiences. It’s not uncommon to encounter young musicians playing and singing on the streets of various cities, drawing crowds of spectators who are captivated by their talent and energy.

These street performances serve as a platform for children to showcase their talents, often catching the attention of professional musicians and producers. Through such opportunities, talented children may receive support to further their education and pursue careers as renowned musicians or composers in the future.