The Charleston dance style was developed specifically for this genre of music. Its origins can be traced back to the song “Runnin’ Wild” from 1923.

The video showcased in this article demonstrates the timeless nature of the Charleston dance. An 82-year-old grandmother showcases that age is just a number in the featured video.

Initially appearing weary as she enters the kitchen with a cane in hand, she then sits down and seemingly takes a supplement. However, the performance that follows is truly astonishing. Rising from her chair, the granny swiftly removes the lower part of her dress, revealing a skirt underneath and commencing an impressive Charleston dance routine.

She then adorns a necklace and begins executing the Charleston with the poise and agility of a teenager. The YouTube video has garnered over three million views, along with numerous “likes” and user comments.

Many individuals commended the woman’s performance, while some speculated whether Granny had been a professional dancer in her youth.

Certainly, engaging in dancing and exercise contributes to overall fitness and well-being.

You can view the video here: