Jon Bon Jovi is widely recognized as a global star, particularly for his music’s immense popularity during the 1980s. His hit song “It’s My Life” remains a staple on radio stations worldwide even today.

However, what many may not know is that alongside his musical career, Bon Jovi has also established himself as a contemporary hero. He founded the non-profit Soul Kitchen, where patrons are welcomed regardless of their ability to pay.

Clients who can afford it are only asked to cover 20% of the total cost, while those in need receive meals free of charge. In addition to a conventional vegetable garden, the restaurant boasts a fruit and herb garden where visitors can contribute by helping out in the kitchen or tending to the garden.

According to the restaurant’s public reporting online, over half of the meals are funded through donations, with the rest being prepared by volunteers. The musician launched his second restaurant in his hometown of New Jersey, located near Toms River.

The meals are consistently fresh and delicious, prepared with organic ingredients. Interestingly, the musician himself lends a hand in the kitchen, crafting desserts and even helping out in the dining area.