In today’s real estate market, buyers often find themselves taken aback by what previous owners leave behind in their apartments.

Numerous anecdotes circulate about surprises awaiting new owners, from stumbling upon treasure chests in the attic to discovering secret basements converted into living areas.

While exploring the premises, Simon stumbled upon a weathered door that hadn’t been unlocked in almost a decade.

Curiosity piqued, he swung the door open and was greeted by a breathtaking sight: a lush garden lay beyond. As he wandered through the verdant space, he noticed an aged plaque indicating the year of the garden’s creation.

The inscription revealed that the garden had been established in 1970, much to the owner’s delight. Eager to restore its former glory, he wasted no time in tending to the neglected greenery.

As he poured his efforts into revitalizing the garden, he realized that it would not only bring him joy but also serve as a welcoming space for others to enjoy. And the best part? Entry was free for all to relish.