David Board stumbled upon a small gold ring while using his metal detector near Dorset, England. Initially, he didn’t think much of it, but as he cleaned off the dirt later at home, he realized it was something extraordinary.

The ring was found five inches underground in a grazing field where the Board had received permission to search. According to a statement from Mayfair Auctioneers Noonans, who will auction off the ring later this month, the discovery left the Board surprised and intrigued by its potential value.

After a hiatus of nearly 50 years, David Board returned to metal detecting in 2019, hoping for better luck this time. Little did he know that his perseverance would pay off handsomely.

Board stumbled upon what is now known as “The Lady Brook Medieval” diamond ring, a rare and valuable find. The ring, estimated to be worth £30,000 to £40,000 ($35,500 – $47,300), will be auctioned by Noonans. Following its discovery, the ring was authenticated as a Medieval artifact by the British Museum, adding to its significance and allure.

Nigel Mills, Consultant for Coins and Antiquities at Noonans, described the ring as being in pristine condition, featuring an inverted diamond set in a raised bezel.

The intertwined rings on the hoop symbolize the union between a couple. Additionally, an inscription inside the band in French reads ‘ieo vos tien foi tenes le moy’ (translated as I hold your faith, hold mine). David Board expressed his intention to use his share of the proceeds to help his partner’s daughter secure a mortgage.