On “The Carol Burnett Show,” a recurring character named “The Fireside Girl,” portrayed by Carol, brought uproarious laughter to audiences.

This character was a playful parody of the traditional Girl Scouts, with a twist – instead of selling cookies, Carol’s character engaged in hilarious blackmail antics with her unsuspecting customers.

As Harvey Korman navigates through his cluttered home, adorned with remnants of a wild party, he clumsily reaches for a drink, only to find himself entangled in festive streamers.

Despite his desire for solitude, the persistent doorbell interrupts his solitude. With a grumble, he grudgingly answers, only to be met by Carol’s shrill and relentless tirade, delivered in her unmistakable uniformed guise.

She beseeches Harvey for a donation towards sending a girl to the fireside camp, relentlessly shaking the change bucket as he winces from the throbbing ache of his hangover. Attempting to excuse himself with a claim of having a cold, he implores her to cease her persistent shaking.

In a sharp retort, she remarks, “A cold on top of that hangover?” Reluctantly, Harvey relents, handing her some money in hopes of ending the exchange. Yet, her response drips with sarcasm, “Oh, a whole nickel! How could I ever thank you?!”


With frustration mounting, Harvey pushes Carol out the door, inadvertently crushing her can in the process as he attempts to shut it firmly. Yet, Carol swiftly returns, blaming him for the damage to her dented can. Threateningly, she informs him of her intention to document the contributors and their contributions.

Desperate to maintain his anonymity, Harvey insists Carol mark him down as anonymous. However, Carol, with a mischievous glint in her eye, scribbles down “Apartment 6B” beside his paltry donation of 30 cents, exposing his reluctance to part with his money.

Cornered, Harvey begrudgingly hands over more money, hoping to end the confrontation. Carol graciously accepts, expressing her gratitude and slyly hinting at her knowledge of his wild party the previous night, as well as a compromising photograph she may possess.

As Carol departs, leaving Harvey visibly shaken, he closes the door, haunted by the implications of their encounter.