“The Carol Burnett Show” delivered a memorable moment in Season 1, Episode 6, when two legendary comedians, Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett, engaged in a hilarious fight.

The uproarious scene unfolded over none other than the beloved Tim Conway, showcasing the comedic brilliance of these iconic women.

The scene opens with Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett strutting out in elegant uniforms, exchanging mocking glances as they take their positions behind opposing desks. Each proudly displays her company sign: one reads “Rent a Car,” while the other boasts “Car Rental.” With a disdainful glance, they begin dusting their counters, escalating into a comical sword fight with their dusters. Their battle abruptly halts when Carol sneezes, catching them off guard.

As the dust settles, Lucille topples backward, causing her sign to crash down. Just then, Harvey enters and hands his keys to Lucille, expressing gratitude for her assistance. He humorously remarks on the challenge of choosing between the two rival companies, adding to the hilarity of the situation.

With a sly grin, Lucille quips, “Don’t worry about her. It happens all the time. That’s why we’re number one, and she’s number two. Goodbye, Mr. Johnson,” she says, casting a pointed glance at Carol.

As Harvey exits, he turns back to bid farewell to Carol, “Goodbye, Dorothy,” he says solemnly. Angrily, Carol retorts, “Goodbye, Dad.” With their tensions simmering, they both resume their makeup routine and wait for the next flight.

Just then, Tim Conway strolls in, adding another layer of comedic tension to the scene.

Tim Conway finds himself caught in the middle as Carol and Lucille vie for his attention. They both pull him back and forth, offering him anything he desires to entice him. However, their tug-of-war quickly turns chaotic as Tim begins to choke while caught in the middle of their antics.

Despite their compliments, Tim struggles to focus as he gasps for air. Sensing his distress, the girls release him, but their rivalry intensifies as Tim finally makes his choice to go with Carol.

As tensions escalate between Carol and Lucille, another woman enters the scene, offering Tim an alternative. However, Tim is captivated by the allure of the bus and decides, “I’m gonna go with him,” much to the amusement of the onlookers.