Cristina Jobs, a 35-year-old artist hailing from Catalonia, is capturing attention on the internet with her remarkable artistic creations – hyperrealistic sculptures depicting newborn babies.

Crafted from a special silicone material and meticulously hand-painted, each of Cristina Jobs’ sculpted babies authentically portrays a range of emotions experienced by children – from crying and pouting to laughing or curiously observing their surroundings.

Cristina Jobs’ artworks have gained viral attention online, not only for their striking realism but also for their intriguing and somewhat surreal nature. Alongside her hyperrealistic sculptures of newborn babies, Jobs also crafts fantastical sculptures that merge elements of children with animals, resulting in captivating and imaginative creations.

Through her sculptures, the artist has amassed nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram, drawing predominantly positive reactions to her captivating works of art.