In the realm of imitation, we’ve all experienced both sides of the coin. It can be entertaining when you’re either the observer or the one doing the mimicking, but let’s admit it, being copied isn’t always enjoyable. This concept is familiar to most of us, some more intimately than others.

However, there’s a special group of individuals who embrace imitation wholeheartedly and with unmatched enthusiasm – children. These little adventurers grow up observing and imitating everything around them. As a result, they not only derive immense joy from this activity but also demonstrate remarkable skill, making them the undisputed champions of mimicry.

Toddler copies pregnant mother's walk by arching her back and pushing out  belly | Daily Mail Online

In a heartwarming video clip, we meet Teri O’Neil, a mother who is six months pregnant, as she decides to test her daughter Olivia’s imitation skills. Playfully, she asks Olivia, “How does mommy walk?” Little did Teri know, her game was about to be matched by her one-year-old’s enthusiasm. Olivia doesn’t miss a beat. She arches her tiny back, pushes out her round belly, and starts to toddle around – her facial expression a perfect mirror of her mom’s.

As the camera pans, we see that this imitation game isn’t a solo act. Dad joins in on the fun, adding his own hilarious twist to the mix. If you’re curious to witness this delightful family moment, watch the short video clip below. Afterward, share your thoughts with us on Facebook and let us know what you think of this heartwarming display of family fun!