Bruce Willis, renowned for his illustrious acting career spanning over four decades, recently announced his retirement on March 30, 2022, evoking an outpouring of support and affection from fans, friends, and family alike. His decision left many deeply saddened, as Willis had been a fixture in the entertainment industry for so long, starring in iconic films like the “Die Hard” trilogy, “Pulp Fiction,” “Armageddon,” “The Sixth Sense,” and “Looper.”

Having been married twice, Willis is a father to five daughters from previous marriages. His first marriage to actress Demi Moore in 1987 resulted in three children: Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah Willis. Despite divorcing in 2000, the couple has remained supportive co-parents and close friends.

Rumer, born on August 16, 1988, has carved her path in the entertainment world, following in the footsteps of her famous parents. With guest appearances in movies like “Hostage,” “The House Bunny,” “Sorority Row,” “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” and TV shows like “90210,” she has proven her talent and versatility.

Amidst Bruce’s health struggles, including memory loss, the Willis family received a glimmer of joy as Rumer recently announced the arrival of her first child. Sharing the news on Instagram, Rumer celebrated the end of her pregnancy journey and embraced motherhood with pride. The heartwarming post garnered over 130,000 likes and countless well-wishes from users across the platform.

In December 20, 2022, Rumer took to social media to reveal her pregnancy with boyfriend Thomas, sharing a series of black and white photographs capturing their excitement and anticipation. From tender moments of Thomas kissing her growing belly to Rumer’s radiant silhouette, the announcement heralded a new chapter in their lives filled with love and joy.

This marks Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s first foray into grandparenthood, and Moore, beaming with pride, shared the joyous news on her social media, humorously captioning the reposted photographs with, “Entering my hot kooky unhinged grandma era.”

In a delightful turn of events reported by PEOPLE in March 2023, Rumer and Thomas were treated to a baby shower in Los Angeles, hosted with love by Moore, Scout, and Tallulah. Amidst the private festivities, the expectant parents took the stage for a heartfelt performance. Additionally, during a February 2023 appearance on the “Bathroom Chronicles” podcast, Rumer expressed her lifelong desire to become a mother.

“It’s one of those things that I’ve always known,” she shared. “For some people, they have clarity about certain things like being a musician or pursuing a career, but for me, it was never a question. Being a mom was always my divine purpose, something that brought me immense joy.”

Grateful for the unwavering support of her loving family, Rumer expressed her heartfelt appreciation. “I’m incredibly thankful to have such a close-knit and supportive family,” she expressed. “Welcoming the first grandchild into our family is an exciting milestone, especially considering how large our family has grown over the years.”

On April 5, 2023, Rumer sat down with PEOPLE to discuss the impending arrival of her child, a ray of hope amidst challenging times for her family. She eagerly anticipated her baby’s arrival, expressing her desire for their inherent family goofiness to be passed down through generations.

“Weirdness runs in our family, and I couldn’t be happier about it,” she shared with the media outlet. “Laughing with my family is one of my favorite things to do.”

Opting for a surprise, Rumer decided not to learn the baby’s gender before birth, opting instead for a home birth, inspired by her mother’s example. “I always intended to do it without medication,” she explained. “That’s how my mom did it, and I watched her.”

Choosing a name was another adventure for Rumer and her boyfriend, aiming for something “interesting, unique, and different” to set their child apart from her and her sisters’ shared names. “But there’s another part of me that wants to see them first,” Rumer admitted. “It’s such a strange feeling when you love this little person so much, but you haven’t met them yet.”

Rumer felt assured of her family’s love and support, regardless of the name they chose. “It’s very exciting to welcome the first grandchild into our family, especially with our large bunch,” she remarked gratefully. “I’m so close with my family, and I can always depend on them for support.”

On April 18, 2023, Rumer welcomed Bruce’s first grandchild into the world, marking a cherished milestone for the family. Sharing the joyous news on Instagram, she introduced her daughter, Louetta Isley Thomas Willis, to the world, describing her as “pure magic” and exceeding all expectations. The first snapshot of little Louetta captured her in a moment of serene beauty, nestled on a cream-colored pillow, wrapped in a cozy blanket, with a head of beautiful black hair and adorable sleeping posture. Truly, she was a divine blessing to the Willis family.

The captivating photograph of little Louetta undoubtedly melted the hearts of her relatives, causing their excitement to soar upon seeing her.

Rumer’s step-mother, Emma Hemming, couldn’t contain her joy, expressing, “Omg we love her so so much.” Meanwhile, Moore publicly declared her adoration for her first grandchild within the same post, writing, “Unadulterated affection for this sweet little birdie.”

In a heartfelt message, Tallulah, Rumer’s sister, remarked on Louetta’s stunning beauty and congratulated Rumer on motherhood. Actress Melanie Griffith, Bruce’s co-star in “Nobody’s Fool,” showered the post with love, expressing her excitement for Louetta’s arrival.

Nikki Reed, known for her role as Bella Swan in “Twilight,” sent her love to Rumer and her daughter, referring to Louetta as “the sweetest girl” and expressing endless love for both mother and child.

While Bruce’s interaction with his grandchild remains unknown, the family remains optimistic despite the actor’s health challenges. A source shared with Radar Online that Bruce is determined to maintain clarity and coherence for as long as possible, with the goal of being an active presence in the lives of his grandchildren and the rest of his family.