Faith was born with deformities in her two front legs, and tragically, when she was just three weeks old, her mother attempted to smother her.

Fortunately, Faith was rescued just in time by a compassionate young man named Ruben Stringfellow, who brought her home to his mother.

After Ruben presented Faith to his mom, Jude, they took the tiny puppy to a veterinarian, who recommended that Faith be euthanized. However, Jude refused to give up on her. Despite her disability, Faith learned to overcome her challenges and thrive.

Faith’s remarkable journey and transformation into an inspiration are truly heartwarming. One of her most touching roles is comforting sick children in hospitals. Here she is pictured with Jude, her devoted caregiver. To witness Faith’s incredible story firsthand, watch the video below. Be prepared, as it may bring tears to your eyes.