Kevin Bacon is a well-known American actor celebrated for his roles in a diverse range of films spanning multiple genres. From his iconic performance in the musical “Footloose” to his compelling portrayals in dramas like “JFK,” “A Few Good Men,” and “Apollo 13,” Bacon has showcased his versatility on the big screen. Not confined to cinema, he has also found success in television, notably in the series “The Following.”

Throughout his career, Bacon has garnered numerous accolades, including a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award. He has also received nominations for prestigious honors such as the Primetime Emmy Award and the Academy Award. In recognition of his contributions to the entertainment industry, Bacon was bestowed with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2003.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Bacon is known for his commitment to family life. He has been married to actress Kyra Sedgwick for nearly three decades, and together they have raised two children, Travis and Sosie. Despite their demanding careers, the couple prioritized their family and upbringing, residing in New York City and making sacrifices along the way.

Kyra Sedgwick is best known for her standout performance in the acclaimed television series “The Closer,” where she portrayed Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson. Her stellar work on the show earned her both a Golden Globe Award and a Primetime Emmy Award. Following a successful seven-season run, the series concluded in 2012.

In addition to her television success, Sedgwick has made memorable appearances in films such as “Something to Talk About,” “Born on the Fourth of July,” and “Singles.”

Following the birth of her children, Sedgwick took a hiatus from her career but gradually returned to acting as her children grew older. Throughout this time, she and Bacon have maintained a strong and supportive marriage, prioritizing their family above all else. Their commitment to each other and their children has been a cornerstone of their relationship in the often tumultuous world of Hollywood.

Kevin Bacon, the Hollywood heartthrob, captured the hearts of audiences worldwide in 2020 with his heartfelt tribute to his wife, Kyra Sedgwick. Their love story dates back to the 1970s when Bacon and Sedgwick first crossed paths. Bacon was performing in a local play that Sedgwick attended with her brother when they were introduced. At the time, Bacon was 19 years old, while Sedgwick was just 12.

Reflecting on their first encounter, Bacon shared the story on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in 2014, recalling how a young girl, later revealed to be Kyra, approached him after the matinée. Despite their age difference at the time, their connection would eventually blossom into a lifelong partnership.

Although Sedgwick initially didn’t see Bacon as her ideal partner, their paths crossed again, and they eventually fell in love. They tied the knot in 1988, marking the beginning of a marriage that has lasted for over 30 years.

In September 2020, Bacon celebrated their 32nd anniversary by sharing a throwback photo from their wedding on social media. Taking to Instagram, he expressed his gratitude for his beloved wife, Sedgwick, with a heartfelt message. His caption read: “11,680 days with you. Thank you for making each one count.”

Despite their challenges, the couple’s Instagram followers responded warmly to the photo, expressing admiration for their enduring love and sending their best wishes.

However, Bacon and Sedgwick have faced their own struggles. In 2008, they fell victim to one of history’s largest Ponzi schemes, losing their entire savings. Sedgwick shared with People magazine, “We found out when the rest of the world found out. We’d both been working since we were seventeen; Kev since he was fifteen, and it was our money, all the money we had… It was a tough day.”

Although it was a difficult experience, Bacon and Sedgwick both acknowledged that it taught them to appreciate what truly matters in life: their children and their health.

In an interview, the couple opened up about their enduring relationship, sharing insights into how they support each other and their respective careers.

Bacon expressed, “Kyra was firm in her belief that if she ever had children, she wanted to be there for them. Because of our kids, she often made professional decisions that weren’t necessarily in her best interest. We chose to stay in New York to raise our children, even though there were more job opportunities in Los Angeles.”

Initially, Sedgwick took on the primary caregiving role, but Bacon reciprocated after she landed her breakthrough role on the acclaimed series “The Closer.”

“When ‘The Closer’ came along, our kids were still in high school or junior high, and Kyra had this opportunity to go to California and lead a TV show,” Bacon recounted. “I said, ‘I’ll stay with the kids.’ It was the first time I had ever said, ‘I’ll stay home, I’m not taking anything.'”