After Michelle Pfeiffer shared a serene beach selfie on Instagram, a devoted fan declared her the most beautiful woman in the world.

In the photo, Pfeiffer appears relaxed in casual beach attire, sporting a simple hairstyle and oversized sunglasses with a white floral shirt. Alongside the picture, she expressed her comfort by the ocean and humorously mused about possibly having been a whale in a past life, prompting heartfelt compliments from her admirers.

Fans gushed over her natural beauty, with one commenting, “You’re a natural beauty just like the water,” while another praised her for her timeless allure. As Pfeiffer approaches her 65th birthday, her admirers are intrigued by her beauty regimen.

In a previous Instagram post where Pfeiffer appeared without makeup, urging civic responsibility, followers marveled at her radiant complexion and youthful appearance. Pfeiffer, however, attributes her stunning looks to a balanced lifestyle, including a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and ample rest.

Her skincare routine is simple, involving basic cleansing and moisturizing with natural products. Pfeiffer has long relied on organic cosmetics and embraces aging gracefully, understanding it as a natural part of life. She credits her luminous skin to her vegan diet, noting a noticeable improvement since transitioning to plant-based eating.