Prepare to be uplifted by the heartwarming story of Arianna Hopper, a six-year-old girl from Georgia with cerebral palsy, whose infectious joy on her first day back to school is melting hearts everywhere.

Despite her diagnosis at a tender age, Arianna’s enthusiasm for learning knows no bounds. In a touching video captured by her father, a police officer in Glynn County, Arianna beams with excitement as her bright pink wheelchair is loaded onto the school bus. Her father’s words of encouragement, “Have a good day, Arianna!” only add to her radiant smile.

arianna's first day of school

The video, shared by the Glynn County Board of Education School Police, quickly went viral, showcasing Arianna’s boundless happiness and resilience in the face of adversity. Her father, Hopper, marvels at her unwavering positivity, describing her as a beacon of joy despite her challenges.

Arianna’s journey into her family’s loving embrace began at just two years old when her parents, already parents to seven children, including three adopted ones, decided to adopt her after fostering her from birth. Despite the initial shock of her diagnosis, Hopper and his wife Page knew they were meant to care for Arianna, viewing her as a precious gift from above.

arianna's first day of school

Though Arianna cannot speak, she is learning sign language at school, a tool that empowers her to communicate with others. Her love for school stems from the supportive environment created by her classmates and the interactive nature of the learning experience.

With optimism for the future, Hopper believes that advancements in stem cell research will one day offer Arianna the opportunity to use her arms and possibly even walk and talk. Meanwhile, Arianna continues to spread joy wherever she goes, leaving a lasting impact on everyone she meets.

As Arianna embarks on her educational journey, surrounded by love and support, we extend our heartfelt wishes for her success and happiness. May her parents continue to nurture her with all the love and care she needs to blossom into a remarkable young woman.