Katrina Mullen, a nurse in the NICU, faced an unprecedented challenge while trying to find a suitable family for a 14-year-old girl who had recently given birth to triplets. Her compassionate decision to adopt the teenage mother, Shariya Small, along with her newborns, has garnered widespread attention worldwide.

Mullen’s remarkable act of adopting Shariya and her babies has been praised by hundreds of people, highlighting the profound impact of her life-saving gesture. This extraordinary choice to provide a loving home for the adolescent mother and her infants has received international acclaim, underscoring the importance of compassion and support in challenging situations.

At Community Hospital North in Indianapolis, Katrina’s compassionate nature has earned her widespread admiration, especially among her colleagues and patients. Her exceptional kindness and dedication came to the forefront when she made the heartfelt decision to adopt Shariya and her premature triplets, Serenitee, Samari, and Sarayah, who were born at just 26 weeks of gestation.

During the five months that Katrina and Shariya spent in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), a strong bond formed between them. Despite Shariya often visiting the babies on her own, Katrina provided unwavering support and care. Over two years after their initial meeting, Katrina recognized the challenges Shariya faced in finding a suitable foster home. Consequently, she made the compassionate choice to adopt Shariya and the triplets, ensuring they would have a loving and stable family environment.

At the outset, Shariya, an eighth-grader at the time of her triplets’ birth, kept her life story private. However, a connection formed when she learned about Katrina’s own journey as a young mother who had placed a child for adoption earlier in life. Following their discharge from the hospital, Katrina maintained contact with them, offering support and eventually securing a foster home for Shariya and the triplets for a period of 688 days.

While this was going on, Katrina was able to watch the difficult living circumstances and health issues that one of the triplets was experiencing. After being evacuated from their house, Shariya and the infants voiced their wish to live with Katrina. Shariya was also there during this time.

Now that Katrina has adopted Shariya and the triplets, the adoption process is over. A GoFundMe campaign that Katrina started in order to assist Shariya in caring for her expanding family has successfully generated more than one hundred thousand dollars.

Possessing a compassionate heart is essential for individuals who aspire to become adoptive parents, as exemplified by the inspiring stories of individuals such as Katrina Mullen and Jerry Windle. Nevertheless, overcoming the challenges associated with adoptive parenting requires both empathy and perseverance.