In this piece, Lisa Niemi shares the moment she felt that the late actor Patrick Swayze had given her his blessing to remarry.

Lisa Niemi, now the widow of Patrick Swayze, reflects on her enduring love for him and her decision to find love again in a recent podcast hosted by Amy and T.J.

Swayze battled pancreatic cancer for 22 months before passing away in 2009 at the age of 57. Niemi and Swayze were married from 1975 until his passing. Three years after his death, Niemi met Albert DePrisco, who would eventually become her husband.

Reflecting on her life after Swayze’s death, Niemi admitted to feeling lonely, a realization that came much later. She described herself as someone who typically puts on a brave face, but eventually acknowledged her feelings of loneliness and sadness. The arrival of Albert in her life marked a significant and joyful moment for her.

Years after Swayze’s passing and during DePrisco’s divorce, Niemi was introduced to her now-husband by mutual acquaintances. Speaking to Holmes and Robach, Niemi emphasized that her love for her current husband does not diminish her love for Swayze in any way.

Patrick Swayze's Widow Lisa Niemi Says He Blessed Her Remarrying in a Dream

“I truly fell in love with Albert,” she explained. “It was interesting to see how it didn’t affect my love for Patrick one bit.”

When asked about her reaction to DePrisco’s proposal, Niemi humorously recalled responding with “Oh s–t,” as she couldn’t fathom the idea of remarriage. However, she became more comfortable with the concept after a dream in which she encountered Swayze.

Niemi interpreted the dream as a sign of Swayze’s approval, as he embraced her affectionately. This gesture reassured her that their love remained unchanged. The dream played a significant role in her decision to remarry.

Patrick Swayze's Widow Lisa Niemi Says He Came To Her In a Dream and Gave His  Blessing For Her to Remarry | Entertainment Tonight

While Niemi believed she had Swayze’s blessing, she faced criticism surrounding her second marriage. Despite this, she remains determined to move forward and not let detractors affect her.

Reflecting on Swayze and their relationship, Niemi expressed that she misses everything about him, from his scent to the sound of his voice. Despite his absence, she feels his presence every day and cherishes their shared journey.

Patrick Swayze's widow Lisa Niemi says he came to her in a dream, gave his ' blessing' for her to remarry

“It’s quite peculiar to have someone stay so far away from you while at the same time maintaining such a strong emotional connection with them,” Niemi shared. “But I must tell you that we had a wonderful journey, and there are a lot of things for which we should be thankful.”